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QUÉBEC.AI Consulting : Impactful Artificial Intelligence

Considering that top AI talent is extremely scarce right now and bearing in mind that consulting the right AI leader can significantly increase your odds of business success, QUÉBEC.AI offers the best in AI consulting.

QUÉBEC.AI Consulting : Impactful Artificial Intelligence

QUÉBEC.AI | Québec Artificial Intelligence develops and trains completion-oriented women and men with the determination to ensure a fully ‘Joint Artificial Intelligence Consulting Workforce’ : Intellectually, operationally, organizationally, and technically to solve Humanity’s toughest challenges.

We want to see more Chief AI Officers who possess the knowledges, the skills and the competencies to orchestrate impactful AI breakthroughs and tangible economic growth for Fortune 500, governments and interagency partners.“ — Vincent Boucher, Founding Chairman at QUÉBEC.AI

MONTREAL.AI‘s little black book holds the connections, insider knowledge and numbers to help you out: Captains of Industries, Interagency Partners, Iconic Tech Entrepreneurs, Financiers and Scholars.

Get in touch immediately for a feasibility analysis of your project in AI : ✉️ info@quebec.ai

The AI Strategist

Strategically unleash the power of AI at boardroom level.

QUÉBEC.AI : The AI Strategist

The AI Strategist pioneers strategies holding a decisive competitive advantage, bringing to life an unmatched wealth accruing proficiency for state, national, and international organizations.

Get in touch now to learn more about the added value of The AI Strategist.

QUÉBEC.AI Orchestrator

AI agent learning to orchestrate synergies on a truly global scale.

QUÉBEC.AI Orchestrator : AI Agent Learning to Orchestrate Synergies

The world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives and applies it in ways we never thought of.“ — Mark Cuban

Fortune 500, governments and interagency partners can order a bespoke fully-fledged Orchestrator today.

QUÉBEC.AI Atelier | Tailored Fully-Fledged AI Systems

From AI Research to Commercial Successes

QUÉBEC.AI’s agents can learn from experience, simulate worlds and orchestrate meta-solutions.

QUÉBEC.AI Atelier : Fully-Fledged AI Systems

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.“ — Buckminster Fuller

QUÉBEC.AI’s tailored fully-fledged AI systems can achieve serious revenue.

Artificial Intelligence for the Web

QUÉBEC.AI Web transforms websites for the age of artificial intelligence by developing superhuman agents that can learn from experience in the browser and unlock new powerful possibilities : E.g., on a mobile device, the autonomous agents can leverage sensor data (i.e.: gyroscope or accelerometer).

All data stays on the client, making AI agents in the browser useful for privacy preserving applications.

Chief AI Officers : C-Level AI | Executive Education‎

Chief AI Officers : C-Level AI harnesses the fundamentals of artificial intelligence on a truly global scale and put them to strategically leverage enterprises, governments and institutions.

Chief AI Officers : C-Level AI | Executive Education‎
Chief AI Officers : C-Level AI | Ticket

In a moment of technological disruption, leadership matters.“ — Andrew Ng

Success is about actively shaping the game that matters to you. This well-crafted C-level professional keynote pioneers a highly impactful understanding of transformative artificial intelligence strategies, at boardroom level, bringing to life new perspectives for state, national, and international organizations.

Participant Profile

Chief AI Officers : C-Level AI is designed for the :

  • Captains of Industry;
  • Chief Executive Officers;
  • Managing Directors;

… who wish to strategically unleash the power of artificial intelligence on a truly global scale.

Breakthrough in machine learning would be worth 10 Microsofts.“ — Bill Gates

MONTRÉAL.AI Space | Consulting

A new world age of technical prowesses.

Recognizing that Montreal is a world-class aerospace industry hub and a world leader in artificial intelligence, we've created MONTREAL.AI SPACE. — Vincent Boucher, B. Sc. Theoretical Physics, M. A. Government Policy Analysis and M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering (Space Technology), Founding Chairman at Montréal.AI

Recognizing that MONTRÉAL.AI is a world-class aerospace industry hub and a world leader in AI, we’ve created Montréal.AI Space.“ — Vincent Boucher, Founding Chairman at QUÉBEC.AI

MONTRÉAL.AI Space | Consulting leverages aerospace engineering, applied artificial intelligence and space science researches for consulting in spaceflight, satellites and space exploration.


Last year, the cost of a top, world-class deep learning expert was about the same as a top NFL quarterback prospect. The cost of that talent is pretty remarkable.“ — Peter Lee, Microsoft

Join QUÉBEC.AI Consulting — A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

QUÉBEC.AI is starting an effort to bring together the top world-class deep learning experts, captains of industries and leading seasoned executives to build a decisive, preeminent and renowned outstanding AI consulting workforce. To apply to join our pool of outstanding consulting workforce : hr@montreal.ai

It’s springtime for AI, and we’re anticipating a long summer.“ — Bill Braun, CIO of Chevron

​​✉️ Email Us : info@quebec.ai
​​​​​📞 Phone : +1.514.829.8269
​​​​​​​​​🌐 Website : http://www.quebec.ai
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​📝 LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/quebecai
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​🏛 Headquarters : 350, PRINCE-ARTHUR STREET W., SUITE #2105, MONTREAL [QC], CANADA, H2X 3R4 *Administrative Head Office
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